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Slow Series

2009 / o-d-a product

Take a seat on low position for slow activity’


There are kind of very low stool in our home that use as multi-functional seating when someone want to sit on low position. It’s also represent “homemade seating”, the basic stool that everyone can made it easily. The structure consisted only plates of seat and legs, look informal but nice.


Its unique scale allow us to re-considered about dissimilarity of seating proportion – Ex. stool, bench and log. The idea is develop an original one and lead to other kinds of seating for various using.


‘Slow Series’ made from solid wood and use dovetail dado joint without screw, oil finish. Seat height available in 16 and 32 cm.



low stool : W480 D190 H160 mm

log : W828 D190 H160 mm

stool : W480 D190 H320 mm

bench : W1176 D190 H320 mm

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