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2007/ prototype by Promosedia

"The Honourable Mentions" of 

Promosedia International Design Competition 2007 - Caiazza Memorial Challenge


'Re-Interpretation of common chair' 


We are interested in some kind of common chairs. The one which has a piece of seating, a piece of backrest and four straight legs. This is characteristic of normal chairs and 'The Chair' in people's recognition. 


You will find it in anywhere in various forms. They are made by simple method that make us love its simplicity and its modesty. They look like the man who is amiable without formality. 


For this reason, we would like to do something for the honor of 'Common Chair'. 


For this project, we used simple straight lines as the starting point for the structure and identified the best possible position then obtainable. So our chair is the result of experiments which applied innovative ideas and approaches to shapes that already existed. Specifically, we wanted to provide a comfortably angled backrest, with distinctive simple lines, while creating a stackable chair.

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