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Taste of tea



"Grand Prix" Wooden Armchairs Competition. The judge for the competition is a product designer, Jasper Morrison


To differentiate between chair and armchair can give a quite interesting idea. What make the two different is "armrest", which for armchair, it is considered as one of the most important element. With this idea, Armrest becomes more than just a part add to armchair.


This armchair is presented the clearly compose of two parts between structure and seating, which armrest is generated from structure itself and also combined with symmetry oblique of legs. When a seating put down its structure, make them combined together become an armchair.


According to the concept, We let "necessity" create direction of the form of our armchair "Taste of Tea" by remaining only necessary elements of armchair. At the very beginning, we even couldn't tell how the chair will look like, so, what we do is to choose the most blending and unity.


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